Arminski’s art reflects his past

January 31, 2008

An article published by Northville Record. Vol. 138, No. 25, Page 2A.

Detroit artist Mark Arminski, like most of us, is a product of his upbringing. “My dad was a surgeon, and my brother and I had access to his medical books, so we looked at images of human body a lot growing up,” Arminski said. “And, I liked National Geographic, too, which has lots of photos of people.” Then, his older brother’s best friend’s dad was a professional artist, so he also had access to figure study books.

Northville residents will have a chance to see some of this famous local artist’s work done over the past five years at the Northville Art House starting tomorrow and lasting through the end of the month. Arminski is known best for his posters of entertainers. “I’ve painted posters of musicians from Aerosmith to Tom Jones,” he said. “One year, I did 64 of them.” He’s also painted murals for restaurants and even worked as a tattoo artist for about a year and a half. “I was just fascinated by that whole thing,” Arminski said.

In the Northville show, “I’m not going to focus as much on the posters as the paintings,” he said. Armisnki attended Oakland Community College and the College for Creative Studies. “I had a hard time with faces and figures in art school, so I focused on that to get better,” Arminski said. “I like learning new things.” Those who want to see more of Arminski’s work can visit his Detroit studio.

For more information about the artist, go to or write him at The Rockhouse/Mark Arminski, P.O. Box 1654, Royal Oak, MI 48068-1654.