Mark’s appreciation for the arts began at an early age. When he was a child his mother would take him to the Detroit Institute of Arts on Saturday afternoons. There he was first exposed to great art in its many forms. Possibly because of these memorable trips with his mother, in elementary school Mark began to focus on producing his own art. By high school he excelled at it. Furthering his arts education, he attended the College for Creative Studies, in addition to courses at other local and national art institutions.

But it was during the 1980’s that Mark found his true voice. He began working with various printmaking and photo techniques and incorporating those in his work with the human form. By the 1990’s he was designing and printing posters for emerging national and local bands and these works were influenced by his love of drawing and painting.

Since then, Mark has worked on a constantly with commissions such as CD covers, concert posters, paintings, fine art prints, drawings, murals and even commercials. His unique style and designs have been viewed worldwide.

Because of his diversity Mark never knows what direction his art will take him!

Of all the great modern concert poster artists, Mark Arminski is the master of color. Studying the wide range of his images, one can see that time after time after time he has chosen his color combinations very carefully, and invariably they work well together, produce effects which please the viewer’s eye. Also his excellent sense of linear design consistently has created simple, balanced images which will have lasting appeal for generations not merely as memorabilia for the acts listed on them but as brilliant examples of graphic art. People will hang these posters on their walls long after the performers listed on them have passed into history. The long term values of these Arminski posters also will be enhanced by the fact that , unlike the press runs for posters created for many of the big promoters, the press runs for these posters and handbills were relatively small, usually only a few hundred, creating a natural scarcity. They are not just fine decor for your dining room walls. They are a great investment which should mature in value in decades to come. Furthermore unlike the vast majority of modern concert posters which are printed by machine, these are silk screen prints which historically have proven to be much more desirable.
– Eric KingĀ